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In the Media

The perfect Michigan Bloody Mary? Here's how to do it

Alex Lumelsky

A Michigan made Bloody Mary. A good Bloody Mary can be made great if you choose Michigan made ingredients. Zip Sauce-Chef Michael Esshaki learned how to make this steak sauce when he worked at the legendary Detroit restaurant Lelli's. It took him three years to perfect the recipe, but now it's available everywhere. It's zippiness will add that depth of flavor, that savoriness to your Bloody Mary. M-LIVE

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16th Annual Taste of Southfield

Alex Lumelsky

The 16th Annual Taste of Southfield was held on Tueday, Sept. 10. at the Shriners Silver Garden Events Center. Guests enjoyed a festive atmosphere, which included food, fun, entertainment, shopping and live demonstrations. Kimmie Horne, who was a judge at the event, joined us on The Nine to tell us more, along with Regency Manor's chef Ivon Shangi. You can hear from them and watch as he prepares beef tips with Zip Sauce. FOX 2

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